ATAM Group’s service division ATAM Services can supply a wide range of bespoke ROV technologies and innovative tooling to meet our clients varied requirements.

Wind Turbine Inspection

ATAM Service’s Magnetic ROV platforms are compact, easily transportable operating units. They have been designed to reduce costs, the need for rope access teams and man overboard practices, reducing risks within the renewable energy industry. They also have the have a wider operating window in terms of allowable wind speeds in comparison to rope access teams.

Blade Inspection
Magnetic ROV capabilities include a high powered magnetic chassis, high definition cameras and powerful LED lighting which can be deployed for blade inspection from the monopole. The ROV can be driven up the Monopole while creating a video record of the blade surfaces. Due to the optical and digital zoom specifications of the associated mounted camera wide angle shots can be acquired quickly across the length and width of each blade section and this data can be inspected and issues identified and recorded via the connected laptop based software suite.

Monopole Inspection
Magnetic ROV can also be mounted with ultrasonic inspection probes allowing for UT inspection to be carried out on the Monopole. Other NDT tools can be mounted on the Magnetic ROV platform. Due to the average age of current Monopoles there has been a limited need for NDT on the Monopole themselves, however as these asset age both visual inspection and NDT will be a requirement. ATAM Services department is available to carry out such inspections.

Monopile Internal Inspection
For wind turbines constructed on a Monopile base there are issues surrounding corrosion internally within this Monopile. Preservation products used internally during construction will give an element of protection, along with maintaining this area as a sealed environment as far as possible in terms of air ingress. Corrosion is however still and issue and will become more significant as the asset ages. Considering the Monopile is an enclosed space and is partially water filled it is considered a significant hazardous area for diving operations.

The Magnetic ROV platforms available within ATAM Services combined with high definition cameras, LED lighting and UT inspection tools can map the internal structure of the Monopile visually while taking point UT readings as required by the client. The ROV vehicle can work above and below the water line and can also be deployed with a tool to clean marine growth from the surface to allow for the required inspections.

ATAM Services are also specialists in Piping Preservation products and application methods. As a result, following and inspection ATAM Services personnel can introduce fresh preservation materials meeting environmental requirements to slow the rate of further corrosion.

Tank and Vessel Inspection
Using our visual and UT inspection tools mounted on the Magnetic ROV platforms both internal and external tank and vessel inspection is possible rolex sky dweller 326135 white 42mm reloj automatico color marron solido. The ROV vehicle can work above and below the water line and can also be deployed with a tool to clean areas within the vessel from the surface to allow for the required inspections.

Hull Inspection
ATAM Services personnel are able to mobilise to our client’s facilities globally to carry out in water hull inspection, this practice reduces the costs attributed to vessel removal or dry docks. Inspect for marine growth, hull damage and cathodic protection. Hull inspection and cleaning activities can also be offered to a wide range and varied size of carbon hull vessels by our varied fleet Magnetic ROV’s.

Asset Intelligence

Integrated live field reporting work pack & test pack management solutions customised to discreet vape pen case your needs.


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