Waterless Pipe Debris Removal & Drying

Dissimilar to current cleaning and drying practices ATAM Group has developed a range of air cleaning, drying and inspection tools that can dramatically reduce costs and time scales. Developed specifically for the cleaning and drying of new build pipelines and process systems the ATAM Air Jet tool and associated equipment package can produce results which until now have been unachievable, particularly when working in conjunction with ATAM Groups ‘Build It Clean’ procedures.

Our equipment packages allow for dry debris removal in systems where Hydro-Jetting is not possible, or where appropriate, as a replacement for Hydro-Jetting altogether in new build spools and/or piping systems.

Where Hydro-Jetting is required we can offer a post rolex day date mens 118135 rolex calibre 2836 2813 black tone 12mm jetting drying service that until now has only been possible with desiccant, vacuum, or Nitrogen drying packages.

Unlike existing methods which require internal camera inspections, high pressure water application and laborious drying procedures, the ATAM Air Jet has been designed to eliminate the requirement for these inefficient procedures and standard practices.