Nitrogen Services

ATAM Group nitrogen services provides efficient, effective and safe nitrogen usage for a variety of applications. Offshore or onshore, during commissioning, modifications, operations or maintenance, ATAM Group nitrogen services offers expertly engineered solutions to ensure our clients achieve their operational objectives.

To ensure our nitrogen services are delivered on time with no interruptions, all our units are prepared inert, clean, dry and leak free to the highest industry standards. Client collaboration and pre-engineering by our expert team ensure all our units and supplied nitrogen meet the specific project needs, guaranteeing an on schedule, safe and efficient service.

ATAM Group nitrogen applications include:

Drying – effective technique for drying operations and to provide an inert atmosphere

Purging – method to displace any hazardous or unwanted environment with an inert, dry gas

Leak Testing – Using Helium or Nitrogen to test system integrity with high sensitivity and no water ingress

Gas Lifting – Used within the wellbore to displace heavier fluids and reduce the hydrostatic pressure

Cooling – Reduces shutdown time and a safe environment for plant modifications

Foam Inerting – facilitates hot work to be performed on hydrocarbons processing systems in complete safety

Mothballing – protects systems over an extended period from corrosion and degradation by providing a clean, dry, inert atmosphere