Our Asset Intelligence division is constantly developing and updating techniques through our ongoing investment in innovative software, equipment and comprehensive training of all personnel. Our system provides live assurance that logged items and equipment within your installation are easily detected and have live in service traceability.

ATAM Asset Intelligence software and revolutionary EX rated hand held tablets include features such as a camera for taking real time pictures of the pipework, flange, valve or instrument in question. A built in GPS facility can guide the operator and locate the logged items, minimising the effect of downtime and increasing safety. Our tablets offer a multi-functional touch screen which when utilised with stored data eliminates the requirement for hard copy documents in the field.

Our combined hardware & software package will also align to specific client and cr rolex gmt master ii mens rolex calibre 2836 2813 16710coke black dial regulatory compliance standards by monitoring and highlighting the certification requirement of each individual item. This information is available  24/7 through live status reports and can be accessed globally through the secure ATAM online client sign in portal on our company website or through the ATAM Asset Intelligence smart phone app.

We understand each client wishes to record slightly different information and report this in different ways. ATAM Asset Intelligence is specifically designed with live customization to account for this, allowing our specialist team to tailor the delivered package to meet specific client expectations efficiently and without additional development.

TRACK AND MONITOR logged items securely stored in the main database, handsets and cloud.

SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the reliance of spreadsheets and outdated systems which are prone to considerable errors and delays.

MAXIMISE UTILISATION and reduce downtime by focussing on job forecasting, planned and wholesale replica valentino jackets unplanned maintenance schedules.

SAFEGUARD REGULATORY COMPLIANCE by monitoring and evaluating certification requirements of each individual item.

LIVE and SECURE generation of your work scope reports delivered promptly from ATAM Asset Intelligence reduces time spent in daily update meetings.


Innovative tooling and service provision. Superior efficiency within Pipeline & Process and Renewables.

Flange Management


Hydro Testing

Leak Testing


User Specified



Valves and Flow Control

E and I


Static Equipment


1. Handheld Device

    • Receive, complete & submit work instructions

    • Wifi & 3G/4G Mobile Data capabilities

    • Identify and update specific asset item status

  • Operator tracking function

2. Smart Phone / Web Portal

    • Secure worldwide user identified access to project data

  • Digital Dashboard read only reporting functions

3. ATAMS desktop software

    • Easy download & setup

    • Issue Work Instructions

    • Receive updates from operator handsets

    • Digital Dashboard read/write reporting functions

  • Engineering, Operations & Quality Control reporting capabilities.