Magnetic ROVs

Utilising magnetic technologies and customisable to suit your specific requirements. Our ROV range can be deployed for inspection, cleanliness an maintenance in all energy sectors.

The ATAM Tank is an ROV specifically designed to reduce the need for human entry into tanks and confined spaces. Working in tandem with tank wall climbing ROVs there really is no safer option. These vehicles can deploy an endless array of tooling ranging from HD inspection cameras, UT scanning, hydro jetting and high powered cleaning tools.

Your imagination is our creation. ATAM ROV’s can operate in a wide range of environments such as wind turbines mono poles, ships hulls, separation tanks and pipelines or process pipe work. Our finely tuned fleet can deliver safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective results.

ATAM Magnetic ROV Video


ATAM Air Jet

Unlike existing methods which require internal camera inspections, high pressure water application and laborious drying procedures, the ATAM Air Jet has been designed to eliminate the requirement for these inefficient procedures.

Why delay start up times and waste project budgets on expensive hydro jetting and camera inspection equipment when the ATAM Air jet can produce proven results.

The ATAM Air jet is environmentally friendly as it eliminates contaminated wash water disposal issues. Capable of cleaning and inspecting concurrently at low air pressures the ATAM Air jet is impossible to outperform on new build process pipework.


ATAM Software

Assured Trusted Asset Management Software is designed to be applied strategically throughout our product and service range. Our intrinsically safe technology offers customers transparency and real time updates through our online portal and smart phone apps.

ATAMS when utilised for Asset Management offers our clients the ability to log, store and track all relevant data attributed to a specific item be it a joint, valve, instrument, hose or fabrication. Allowing for maintenance programs to be scheduled in line with their own specific standards and regulatory requirements.

When engaged with one of our many service lines ATAMS can offer increased safety along with minimising downtime through our GPS guidance app. Total transparency on works completed in any given period allowing progress to be tracked in real-time, assisting to minimise cost and maximise efficiency.

ATAM Software Video